At the time of this post, it was more than 2 years that I started the private Facebook Group (Clareblend Mini Users) and it grew to 932 members. The objective of this Facebook group was supporting customer’s who purchased the Clareblend Mini Microcurrent. I answered questions and shared exclusive how-to videos.

It wasn’t long before members began asking questions about other products in my online store. I opened the group to anyone who’d made a purchase and answered questions about all the products in my online store.

Then...members began asking questions about all things skincare.

I love helping but due to the volume of questions my ability to stay on top of answering questions was starting to falter due to the clunky Facebook app. At least to the standards I hold myself to.

It is my mission to teach PRO skincare. You deserve to get professional advice, not fake beauty tips from people without any credentials in esthetics.

My online business manager, Kathy Carrington, and I brainstormed how we could better serve the Facebook Group members AND keep everything  manageable and maintain high standards.

I knew we needed to make it super easy for you to learn from the mass amount of content gathered over the past 2+ years. Searching the Facebook group was messy and not accurate. So we wanted a platform in which content is easy to search and in one search pull videos AND posts.

I knew I wanted to take the video content up to the next level by providing more in-depth training videos. We wanted to make sure the VALUE (what you get out of it) makes it worth your time to join.

This required a financial investment to pay for the technology, the team it takes to help me run it (remember, I’m still working in a private practice) and additional investment in time for me to make full length videos.

So, I decided to invest in building a membership website and the Christine Byer Beauty Club was born. We pulled together the technology to manage streamlined communication, hold events, organize content, announce sales and deals, and the flexibility to improve and make changes based on member feedback.

I wanted to give a FREE trial so you can see everything before you make a commitment to join.  I wanted to make it affordable so the small fee of $89 a year equates less than 3 pennies a day. If you want less commitment, you can join at the monthly fee of $9.99 month which is still less than 4  pennies a day. To help offset this investment, I’ve increased the monthly sales discount and I’ve added BOGO offers and have contests from time to time to win FREE products. AND I have a monthly drawing in which one lucky member gets a FREE online consultation.

I understand change can be more difficult for some than others. I knew some of the Facebook Group members may not make the move with us to the Club and that hurts my heart a little since I’ve given so much over the years. Yet, I fulfilled my promise of membership for a purchase with the time I invested answering their questions over the past two years.

I’m extremely grateful for those made the move to the Club – and for the brand new Club members. We get new members every week. I’m committed to making sure the Christine Byer Beauty Club remains a valuable tool in your anti-aging and skincare goals.

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