If you’re a fan, then you know I added the NeoGenesis brand to my line of skincare products in January of 2017. Why, you ask? Because this is stem cell science at its best. I have been waiting for a product of this quality for ages. It’s organic, nontoxic and oncology safe. I feel good about using it daily on my face and I love seeing the results.
When I first started using it in January, I was blown away. I was using great products already, but adding NeoGenesis Recovery madkes every morning like Christmas.
I am constantly seeing new improvement in lines, texture, pores or spots. Neck line at base of neck, gone. Pores, tiny! Sunspots, as light as they ever get. And my skin is so calm and behaving beautifully. Almost like in my 20s, minus the extra fat padding of course. (Wouldn’t that be an amazing product, one that adds fat only where we want it. Ha! So exciting to see a line like this that works and doesn’t contain loads of garbage. Get yours here.