When you shop for an Ultrasound device for your aging gracefully regimen, it is important to know what you’re buying. For example, the frequency of the device will determine what you can expect in results. Additionally, understanding what this modality is will ensure you get what you want.

Let’s start with the misconception that RF (radio frequency) is the same as Ultrasound. They are NOT the same modality. RF uses low frequency radio waves (0.3 to 10 MHz). This modality heats the area of the skin being treated to stimulate collagen production. It is thought by manipulating skin cooling during treatment, RF will stimulate collagen. The heating of RF can be used for reduction of fat in the face. Typically, RF treatment requires a series of 8-12 treatment sessions lasting 30–45 minutes. Devices have different penetration depths depending on the number of electrodes (monopolar, bipolar, or unipolar). RF is not suited for all, especially someone with broken capillaries or rosacea, or someone who doesn’t want to lose volume in the face.The process also requires extreme care in its execution for improper application may result in dents on the skin surface due to uneven healing responses on the skin.

The Ultrasound in the Time Master Pro (with LED) uses LOW FREQUENCY Ultrasound waves at 90 KHz (90,000 sound waves per second). This is continuous sound waves inaudible to the human ear. This creates cellular disturbance boosting collagen production and resulting in no outward injury and no downtime – and it does NOT heat the skin. As stated in the research we’ll touch on below, this level of frequency is therapeutic for wound healing, improved blood oxygenation, increased collagen, mesoporation, and I’m seeing a fast and lasting response to wrinkle reduction with continued use. Use is limited to 2 (two) 10-minute sessions a week for the best results. Less is more in this situation.

According to a report in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, therapeutic ultrasound is used in medicine for different purposes. The report stats based on frequency and power, one can differentiate various ultrasound types and applications as follows:

  • High-frequency therapeutic Ultrasound (800-4000 kHz – Stem Cell Applications)
  • Medium-frequency Ultrasound (500 kHz-10 mHz – Surgery & Oncology)
  • Low-frequency Ultrasound (20-120 kHz – Wound Treatment – here’s where the Time Master Pro rates at 90kHz)

After testing wound healing using low frequency ultrasound, this report summarizes (I’m taking the liberty of paraphrasing so you don’t fall asleep from the science speak) the major effect on tissue is a physical change in healing, and it cleans the skin while stimulating at a cellular level. The research concluded low frequency ultrasound results in better blood supply, improved oxygen levels, and increased collagen production for better wound healing and healthier skin.

This is not to be confused with HIFU (high-intensity-focused-ultrasound: think magnifying glass focusing the rays in one spot). HIFU heats tissue considerably and deeply, and if not conducted by trained individuals can be counter-productive.

HIFU delivers precise and intense fractional ultrasound energy, while radio frequency heats an entire specified area. HIFU is done once, while RF treatments need a couple sessions. More on HIFU in another article.

In short…

Low frequency ultrasound uses sound waves inaudible by the human ear and between 20-120 kHz (the Time Master Pro for example); Radio frequency uses a low energy form of radiation (on the electromagnetic spectrum); HIFU uses the heat from intensely focused high frequency ultrasound.

Stay tuned…we’ll talk about LED and Laser in another article.

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