Another ingenious Koren invention! Caviplla is multi-serum designed to reduce visible signs of aging while increasing firmness and elasticity. Using an intensive concentration of pure caviar extract, PLLA, and botanical peptides, wrinkles will be diminished while increasing hydration levels in the skin.

The oxygen component creates the perfect environment for the active ingredients to absorb deeper into the skin.

CaviPLLA is an oxygenating serum which means it requires being thorough when rubbing it in. PLLA is a bigger molecule. The O2 helps to push PLLA into the skin.

I love to use CaviPLLA in a “sleeping mask.” A sleeping mask is created by taking a serum type product and applying a thick layer before going to bed. When you wake up the next morning the skin is very hydrated, much like when using a sheet mask. It is recommended to use two pumps each area of your face (but avoid the eyes).
Again, it’s important to massage it in completely and its normal to feel very heavy when using it as a sleeping mask. The results are the next morning skin is hydrated and tight as if you just got a facial.