It’s been a whirlwind spring with lots of education, travel and new experiences. In March, I went to Chicago for the Face & Body Midwest Skincare Show. Then a month later I flew to Dallas for an advanced microcurrent class (let’s say SUPER ADVANCED) and ended up landing a free ticket to the International Congress of Esthetics! It was so fun going back West and seeing my esty friends from Austin and around Texas. The Dallas show was fantastic (sorry Face & Body, you gotta catch up!)
I test drove a whole body vibration machine there and was blown away. I ended up buying a machine for my office. Helps with circulation, lymph drainage and best of all, recontouring the body as it vibrates all the fat out of your muscles. Who doesn’t need that?
But the star of the show was the class I attended on advanced microcurrent. We were taught many new concepts that blew the old way of doing microcurrent out of the water!

Now I look at the face in acompletely different way when doing microcurrent. Jane Mann, Esthetician extraordinaire and microcurrent master (known in Las Vegas as Vegas’ best kept secret) taught us all her famous Facial Contouring Massage. It can be done with or without current, so it’s safe forpregnant mommas to be and those with pacemakers or other contraindications to microcurrent.

Best of all for you, the client, it feels like this luxurious, hydrating, nurturing massage that just happens to leave you lifted and toned like no other antiaging treatment can. So if you haven’t tried microcurrent yet, come see what Oprah, JLo, Jennifer Anniston, Vanessa Williams, Meryl Streep and many others do to keep looking impossibly lifted even in their later years. It’s gentle, safe and sooooo relaxing.