This blog post will address a lot of the questions we get about the proper operation of the Clareblend Mini. When you run into issues, or you’re just not getting the results you expected, there’s a few things I recommend you do – the first is DON’T GIVE UP!

Please know, it is highly unlikely your Clareblend Mini device is defective or that your skin cannot respond to microcurrent. Thousands of these devices are sold every day and when there is a problem, 9 times out of 10, it is user error and not a defective device. I would not stake my reputation on a faulty device.

It is my pleasure to help you learn how to operate the Clareblend Mini properly so you can achieve wonderful results.

First, the Clareblend Mini does not have an on/off button. The on/off happens when plugged in or unplugged. It is always on when plugged in.

Periodically check to make sure it is still plugged in. This might seem silly but I can’t tell you how often I’ve discovered it has come unplugged during use. It’s easy to reach for something or turn around to talk to someone and not notice it has come out of the plug or is no longer completely plugged in.

Microcurrent needs water/moisture to conduct the current onto your face. You MUST use a water-based conducting medium on a CLEAN FACE with the Clareblend Mini or it may not conduct as well as it can. You may use the gel that came with it, or simply use MINERAL water. Do NOT use distilled water as many of the minerals have been removed from distilled water, and minerals are required for good conduction – if you use water. Get a larger bottle of conducting gel here.

BEEPING – The beeping indicates the beginning of a conducting session – – – but here’s the thing – – – you MUST operate it PRECISELY in order for the beeping system to work properly. Download the Clareblend Mini Pamphlet in case you have lost or misplaced yours. Read it and re-read it often.

Plus, here’s some EXTRA TIPS to ensure the Clareblend Mini conducts well. 


TIP #1: I recommend applying the conductive gel (or mineral water) only to the immediate section you’re working on to avoid it drying up before you are finished working. If you apply GEL to your entire face and it dries up, then simply use some water to re-moisten your face. I like to keep a spray bottle of water handy for that purpose. Again, you will need to keep the area your working on MOIST to conduct current onto your face.

TIP #2: Touch BOTH probes to the skin and WAIT for the SINGLE beep. If you start moving the Clareblend Mini immediately it won’t beep properly.


  • If BOTH probes are not touching the skin, it will not beep properly, and you will not get the conduction onto your face.
  • If you do not have enough moisture, it will not beep properly or conduct as well.
  • Wait for the single beep, BEFORE you start moving the device.

After you hear the SINGLE beep, SLOWLY glide the Clareblend Mini in the direction as indicated in the pamphlet for the area you’re working on. Moving too fast you cause you to lift a probe and disrupt the current – which will also disrupt the beeping process. Clareblend Mini Pamphlet

NOTE: I often go fast in my video demonstrations – please glide the Mini slowly – I go fast only for the purpose of making the video.

TIP #3: AT THE END of the movement, HOLD the Mini against your skin UNTIL a DOUBLE BEEP is heard. This indicates it’s time to move on to the next movement or area of your face. REPEAT ALL of these steps above while using the Clareblend Mini for the best results.

I am often asked if it is okay to use other products with the Mini.

Never – never use oil-based products with the Clareblend Mini as it will damage the probes over time and prevent good conduction. The conduction works best when using the Conductive Gel or mineral water.

It only takes a small amount of conductive gel and you can add water to your face after applying the gel to make it go further) OR use mineral water.

IF you use other products, do so at your own discretion and judgement. Because we all have very different skin health and skin sensitivities; not to mention, hydration, diet, exercise, and medication, there is not a single answer to this question. Pay attention to the results (or lack of results) to get the answer to this question that is right for you.

I hope you find this information helpful. Also, visit my YouTube channel for informative, how-to videos. For additional microcurrent posts try: Give Yourself a Facelift, Clareblend Mini vs NuFace vs Myolift, Top FAQs About Microcurrent

Got more questions? Email us with your questions.

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