What you don’t know CAN hurt you! Did you know high powered lasers, deep peels, IPL and Retinoids (used incorrectly) and other aggressive skin treatments can cause skin inflammaging? This means they can actually AGE the skin MORE in the long run than other treatments.

The term inflammaging is changing the face of skincare. Inflammaging describes skin aging induced by chronic (persistent) inflammation. An example of inflammaging is using products such as Retinoids daily that cause long term inflammation on the skin. After years of use, some Retinoid users start to see diminishing results and lackluster alligator looking skin.

Other harsh, invasive treatments such as high powered lasers at the dermatologist’s office (IPL, Yag, Erbium, etc.) can also cause a hardening or scarring of the skin. This is so prevalent that many plastic surgeons refuse to work on clients who have had previous repeated laser treatments. These surgeons know a face-lift would not “lay properly” because the skin is hardened or scarred due to inflammaging from the repeated laser work. I’m not anti-laser but the key to laser is to do as little as possible. More isn’t always better.

So what can you do to reverse inflammaged skin?

First of all, your esthetician should be using little to no downtime treatments that your skin loves. How do you know if your skin loves a treatment? It responds in a favorable manner. It’s smoother, softer, more supple and has a glow.

Products should contain ingredients the skin recognizes as opposed to harsh chemicals. The objective is to gently coax the skin into a healthier state through non ablative (non-cutting or damaging) modalities such as microcurrent, LED light, Low Frequency Ultrasound and other progressive rather than aggressive treatments. He/she should use professional products full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients to feed and heal your skin. When you walk out of your esthetician’s office, your skin should look better than it did when you walked in. If it doesn’t, change your esthetician.

I recommend starting by applying NeoGenesis Recovery every day and night on clean skin. Apply NeoGenesis Recovery on before you put anything else on your clean skin. Give a minute or two to dry.

Next, good products for healing inflammaged skin is Caviplla and Sculppla. Both of these products contain poly-l-lactic-acid. Poly-l-lactic-acid has been used in the form of liquid band aids for more than 30 years in surgery. The formula in Caviplla and Sculplla is effective for RESTORING skin volume; where as the SculpTRA injectable treatments REPLACE the skin volume. So Caviplla and Sculplla are natural treatments for skin rejuvenation.

Caviplla can be used as a sleeping mask (applied on clean skin at night after Recovery). Caviplla has an oxygenating formula that penetrates deep into the skin through the hair follicles. After Caviplla is applied, a light spray of Sculplla will boost the amount of poly-l-lactic-acid and boosts the healing of your skin.

Be patient. Your skin didn’t get in damaged condition overnight and it won’t heal overnight. Allow a few weeks of consistant use to see the lines soften and your skin will feel softer and look smoother.


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